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Louis Armstong - All that Jazz / DJLMD 8001

Louis Armstong - All that Jazz / DJLMD 8001
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Side One

1.  SWING THAT MUSIC(Gerlach/Southern Music) (h)
2.   ROYAL GARDEN BLUES (Williams, Spencer/P. Maurice, KPM) (k)
3.   BLACK AND BLUE (Waller, Razaf, Brooks/Mills Music) (b)
4.  TIGER RAG (Original Dixie Land Jazz Band/B.Feldman) (a)
5.   HEEBIE JEEBIES (Fuqua, Smith/MacMelodies, KPM) (h)

Side Two

1.   BABY WON'T YOU PLEASE COME HOME (C. Warfield, C. Williams/Leeds Music) (j)
2.  MUSKRAT RAMBLE (Ory/H. Darewski) (c)
3.   STORYVILLE BLUES (B. Johnson/Contemporary Music MCPS) (i)
4.  WAY DOWN YONDER IN NEW ORLEANS (Creamer, Johnson/L. Wright) (c)
5.  JEEPERS CREEPERS (Mercer, Warren/B. Feldman) (a)
6.   SOMEDAY (YOU'LL BE SORRY) (Armstrong/Campbell Connelly)(c)


Side Three

1. DO YOU KNOW WHAT IT MEANS TO MISS NEW ORLEANS (Anter, Delange/E. H. Morris) (c)
2. PANAMA (Murphy/Robbins Music) (e)
3. DEAR OLD SOUTHLAND  (Layton, Creamer/Francis Day & Hunter) (d)
4. BROTHER BILL (Armstrong/P. Maurice, KPM) (h)
5. ROCKIN' CHAIR , (Carmichael/Southern) (h)
6. CHINATOWN MY CHINATOWN (Schwartz, Gerome/Francis Day & Hunter) (f)

Side Four

1. HONEYSUCKLE ROSE (Waller, Razaf/Campbell Connelly) (a)
2. BACK O'TOWN BLUES (Bowers, Heibedeaux/Francis Day & Hunter) (h)
3. ON THE SUNNY SIDE OF THE STREET (D. Fields, J. McHugh/L. Wright) (a)
4. SOMEDAY (YOU'LL BE SORRY) (Version no. 2) (Armstrong/Campbell Connelly) (g)
5. I GOT RHYTHM (G & I Gershwin/ Chappell)(a)


(a) Louis Armstrong (tp, vcl); Jack Teagarden (tb, vcl); Bud Freeman (ts); Fats Waller (p); Al Casey (g); Slick Jones (d) broadcast, New York City, October 10,1938

(b) Armstrong (tp, vcl); Mouse Randolph (tp); Henderson Chambers (tb); Edmond Hall (cl); Charles Bateman (p); Johnny Williams (b); Jimmy Crawford (d) — concert, Carnegie Hall, New York City, February 8,1947

(c) Armstrong (tp, vcl); Bobby Hackett (cnt); Teagarden (tb, vcl); Michael "Peanuts" Hucko (cl, ts); Ernie Caceres (bars); Dick Cary (p); Jack Lesberg (b); George Wettling or "Big Sid" Catlett (d) — concert, Winter Garden Theatre, New York City, June 19, 1947

(d) Armstrong (tp); Cary (p) — same venue and date as for (c)

(e) Armstrong (tp, vcl); Teagarden (tb, vcl); Joe Venuti (vln); Buddy Cole (p); Perry Botkin (g); James Moore (b); Nick Fatool (d) — broadcast, The Bing Crosby Show, Los Angeles, March 16,1949

(f)   Armstrong (tp, vcl); Teagarden (tb, vcl); Pee Wee Russell (cl); Earl Hines (p); Eddie Condon (g); Arvell Shaw (b); Cozy Cole (d) — TV show, New York City, August 27, 1949

(g) Same as (£), plus Helen Carroll & The Swan Tones (vcl grp)

(h) Armstrong (tp, vcl); Teagardep, (tb, vcl); Hucko (cl); Hines (p); Condon (g); Shaw (b); Cole (d) — TV show, New York City, September 3,1949

(i)   Same as-for (h), excepting Joe Bushkin (p) replaces Hines

(j)   Armstrong (tp); Teagarden (tb, vcl); Barney Bigard (cl); Hines (p); Shaw (b); Cole (d) — concert Trieste, November 9,1949 

(k) Personnel,as for (e) — broadcast, The Bing Crosby Show, San Francisco, January 18, 1950

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