Monday, 16 May 2011

Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen at the Cromer Pier 2011

Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen at the Cromer Pier 2011

The Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen Golden Collection CD - Worth Buying, even if you haven't seen them live !

Oh man, this is a band that I've always said that I should go and see. So why had I put it off for so long ? I guess I just had an obsession with the 30's through to 60's and thought that Kenny Ball was a name from the 70's and therefore wouldn't tick my boxes. I really couldn't have been more wrong !

The Kenny Ball Band is probably the most fun, dynamic and entertaining jazz band that I've ever seen. The many years that the band have been playing together is fully reflected in their incredible team stage craft. It seemed to me, sat in the audience, that this band truly love playing together. They bounce off of each other, both musically and humourously ... providing an intimate encounter for all of their listeners ( Old fans and new ones ).

Unlike some modern jazz bands, this band love an encore call from their audience and because of their many years together they perform exactly the right piece to satisfy the audience. We were treated to many Louis Armstrong numbers, played with accuracy and style.

Digby Fairweather Signed my Ticket !
We were gifted Digby Fairweather as a second trumpet player as well ! What amazing value and entertainment.

To anyone who is too snobbish to go and see Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen ... You are missing a trick. Get yourself over to their website, find the next venue and buy those tickets. You will not be disappointed ;-)

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Also a quick note for anyone looking for a bite to eat before going to the Cromer Pier on a Saturday night, we can heartily recommend the Old Rock Shop Bistro. Very friendly, lovely food and good chat.

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