Saturday, 13 August 2011

Pete Allen's All Star Jazz Band at Gorleston Pavilion Theatre

Pete Allen's All Star Jazz Band at Gorleston Pavilion Theatre

Friday 12th August 2011 - 7.45pm

Wonderful entertainment, great stagecraft and good old jazz classics that get you singing and tapping your feet. Pete Allen's All Star Jazz Band is certainly a band that I would go and watch again ... and again. Playing their way through classic traditional tunes, this band are special in their accuracy to the stars that made the songs famous. Pete Allen has a great voice that can pick out those little mannerisms that we all recognise from Thomas 'Fats' Waller and Louis Armstrong.

This band show all of the signals that we appreciated while watching Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen a few months ago. They seem to like one another and this comes over in the fun that oozes from their performance.

The band very kindly granted me permission to take a few pics and I've added some at the bottom of this post for you to take a look. But don't take my word for it ... get along and see for yourselves ... they're great !

You can find a list of upcoming events on Pete Allen's Website.

Pete Allen - Clarinet, Sax & Vocals
Dave Moorwood - Banjo, Guitar & Vocals
Gary Wood - Trumpet
Micky Cooke - Trombone
Dave Hanratty - Bass
John Petters - Drums

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