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Side One:

1.   LORD, I GIVE YOU MY CHILDREN (Hanighan-Mercer) Robbins Music Co. Ltd (38417A)
2. THE BATH TUB RAN OVER AGAIN (Cleary-Mercer) Francis Day & Hunter Ltd (38419A)

Johnny Mercer (vocal) accompanied by Sterling Bose (trumpet), Jack Teagarden (trombone), Fulton McGrath (piano), Dick McDonough (guitar), Hank Wayland (string bass), directed by Victor Young. Recorded 24/8/34.

3.   SUGAR (THAT SUGAR BABY O' MINE) (Pinkard-Mitchell-Alexander) Francis Day & Hunter Ltd (38875A)
4.   DAVENPORT BLUES (Biederbecke) Robbins Music Co. Ltd (38876A)
5.   SOMEBODY LOVES ME (Gershwin-MacDonald-DeSylva) chappeii & GO. Ltd (38877A)
6.  RIVER BOAT SHUFFLE (Voynow-Carmichael-Mills-Parish) Lawrence wright (38878A)

Adrian Rollini and his Orchestra: Manny Klein, Dave Klein (trumpets), Jack Teagarden (trombone), Benny Goodman (clarinet), Arthur Rollini (tenor sax), Adrian Rollini (bass sax), Howard Smith (piano), George Van Eps (guitar), Artie Bernstein (string bass), Stan King (drums). Recorded 23/10/34.

7.   GOODNIGHT ANGEL (Wrubel-Magidson) chappeii &co.Ltd (63353A)
8.   LET'S SAIL.TO DREAMLAND (Kogen-Busse-Holzer) victoria Music Pubi. Co. (63354A)
9.   DROP A NICKEL IN THE SLOT (Ahlert-Young) chappeii & Co. Ltd (63355B)
10.   YOU WENT TO MY HEAD (Meyer-Bernier-Emmerich) chappeii &Co. Ltd. (63356A)

Dick Robertson and his Orchestra: Johnny McGee, Ralph Muzillo (trumpets), Jack Teagarden (trombone), Tony Zimmers (clarinet, tenor sax), Frank Froebea (piano), Dave Barbour (guitar), Haig Stephens (string bass), Sammy Weiss (drums), Dick Robertson (vocal). Recorded 28/2/38.

Side Two:

1.   LOVE ME OR LEAVE ME (Donaldson-Kahn) K. Prowse Music Pubi. Co. Ltd/KPM(64493A)
2.  DOWNHEARTED BLUES (Austin-Hunter) Lawrence Wright (64494A)
3.   CRAZY BLUES (Bradford) Leeds Music Ltd (64495A)
4.   MONDAY MORNING (Worrell) B. Feldman & Co. Ltd (64496A)

Teddy Grace (vocal) accompanied by Jack Teagarden (trombone), Billy Kyle (piano), Dave Barbour (guitar), Dalmar Kaplan (string bass), O'Neil Spencer (drums). Recorded 1/9/38.

5.  I'M COMING VIRGINIA (Hey WOOd-Cook) Francis Day & Hunter Ltd (64616 A)
6.  AUNT HAGAR'S BLUES (W. C. Handy) Francis Day & Hunter Ltd (64618 A)

Paul Whiteman and his Swing Wing: Charlie Teagarden (trumpet), Jack Teagarden (trombone, vocal on Aunt Hagar's Blues), Sal Franzella (clarinet), Al Gallodoro (alto sax), Art Drallinger (tenor sax), Walter Gross (piano), Arthur Ryerson (guitar), Art Miller (string bass), Rollo Laylan (drums), The Four Modernaires — Chuck Goldstein, Spook Dickinson, Bill Con way, Ralph Brewster (vocal). Arrangement of I'm Coming Virginia by Fred Van Eps Jr. Recorded 9/9/38

7.   MY REVERIE (DebuSSy arr. Clinton) Francis Day & Hunter Ltd (64677A)
8.   HEART AND SOUL (Carmichael-Loesser) Famous chappeii Ltd (64678A)

Paul Whiteman and his Orchestra: Bob Cusumano, Charlie Teagarden, Dan Moore (trumpets), Jack Teagarden, Jose Gutierez (trombones), Sal Franzella (clarinet, alto 

sax), Al Gallodoro (alto sax), Art Drallinger (tenor sax), George Ford, Vincent Capone, Jack Bell (flutes), Murray Cohan (oboe), Roy Bargy (piano), Arthur Ryerson (guitar), Art Miller (string bass), Rollo Laylan (drums). Recorded 20/9/38.

9.  MUTINY IN THE NURSERY (Mercer) B. Feldman & Co. Ltd (64792A)
10.   JEEPERS CREEPERS (Warren-Mercer) B. Feldman &Co. Ltd (64793A)

Paul Whiteman and his Swing Wing: Bob Cusumano, Charlie Teagarden (trumpets), Jack Teagarden (trombone, vocal), Sal Franzella (clarinet, alto sax), Art Drellinger 

(tenor sax), Frank Signorelli (piano), Allan Reuss (guitar), Artie Shapiro (string bass), George Wettling (drums), The Four Modernaires (vocal), Joan Edwards (vocal on Mutiny In The Nursery). Recorded 8/12/38.

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