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THE SIX SWINGERS - 1934-1935 / EMI SH248

THE SIX SWINGERS - 1934-1935 / EMI SH248

Side One:

1. Your Mother's Son-in-Law (Holiner-Nichols) (Vocal: Sam Browne) (a)
2. I'm Walkin' The Chalk-Line (Holiner-Nichols) (Vocal: Sam Browne) (a)
3. Hotcha Razz-Ma-Tazz (Razaf-Mills) (Vocal: Sam Browne) P. Maurice (a)
4. When's It Coming Round To Me? (Carr-Bryant)  (a)
5. Hot Pie No. 1 (Part 1) (a) Bugle Call Rag (Pettits-Mills-Schoebel); (b) Some Of These Days (Brooks); (c) After You've Gone (Creamer-Lay ton)  (b)
6. Hot Pie No. 1 (Part 2) (a) St. Louis Blues (Handy); (b) Dinah (Lewis-Young-Akst); (c) Poor Butterfly (Hubbell-Golden) (b)
7. Hot Pie No. 2 (Part 1) (a) Nobody's Sweetheart (Kahn-Meyers-Schoebel); (b) Avalon (Jolson-Rose); (c) Chinatown My Chinatown (Jerome-Schwartz) (b)
8. Hot Pie No. 2 (Part 2) (a) Margie (Robinson-Conrad-Davis); (b) Sweet Sue, Just You (Young-Harris); (c) Goodbye Blues (McHugh-Fields-Johnson)(b)
9. Swing, Brothers, Swing (Scott-Wood) Ass Cop. (c)

Side Two:

1.  Streamline Strut (Phillips) C. Connelly (c)
2.   I'm A Hundred Per Cent For You (Oakland-Parish-Mills) (Vocal: Nora Williams) KPM (c)
3.   Dixie After Dark (Oakland-Parish-Mills) (Vocal: Nora Williams) KPM (c)
4.   Muddy Water (A Mississippi Moan) (de Rose-Richman-Trent)   Nora Williams ace. by The Six Swingers F D & H (d)
5.  Piccolo Pete (Baxter) (Nora Williams ace. by The Six Swingers) Chappells (d)
6.  The House Where I Was Born (de Sylva-Caesar-Carroll) (Vocal: Marjorie Stedeford) KPM (e)
7.  What's The Reason? (I'm Not Pleasing You) (Poe-Grier-Tomlin-Hatch) (Vocal: Marjorie Stedeford) F D & H (e)
8.   Rhythm Is Our Business (Lunceford-Cahn-Ka'plan) (Vocal: Brian Lawrence) P. Maurice (f)
9.  Stardust (Carmichael-Parish) (Vocal: Marjorie Stedeford) L. Wright (f)


(a) George Scott Wood (piano and arranger) directing Max Goldberg (trumpet and mellbphone); Lew Davis (trombone); Freddy Gardner (clarinet, alto and baritone saxophones); Dick Ball (string bass); Max Bacon (drums).
London, October 29, 1934.

(b) As for (a),^ws Arthur Young (piano). London, December 18, 1934.

(c) George Scott Wood (piano and arranger) directing Billy Farrell (trumpet); Tony Thorpe (trombone); Freddy Gardner (clarinet, alto and baritone saxophones); Joe Young (banjo and guitar); Dick Escott (string bass); Max Abrams (drums).
London, March 7, 1935.

(d) George Scott Wood (piano and arranger) directing Archie Craig (trumpet); Buddy Hammond (trombone); Mickey Lewis (clarinet); Joe Young (guitar); Max Abrams (drums).
London, April 12, 1935.

(e) As for (c), without Tony Thorpe on CAR-3446-1. London, May 20, 1935. (f) As for (e). London, June 27, 1935.

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