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The Bix Beiderbecke Legend - "Alternative Bix" Volume 4 (1926-1928) / RCA Black & White Series Vol. 90 - 741.093

The Bix Beiderbecke Legend - "Alternative Bix" Volume 4 (1926-1928) / RCA Black & White Series Vol. 90 - 741.093


1. IDOLIZING (Messenheimec.- Abrahamson - West) (a)
2. I'D RATHER BE THE GIRL IN YOUR ARMS (Thompson - Archer) (a)'
3. SUNNY DISPOSISH (P. Charig - I. Gershwin) (b)
4. IN MY MERRY OLDSMOBILE (B, Vincent - G. Edwards) (c)
5. WASHBOARD BLUES (Carmichael - Callahan) (d)
6. CHANGES (W. Donaldson) (e) - excerpt
7. MARY (W. Donaldson) (f)
8. SMILE (D. Heywood) (g)
9. LONELY MELODY (Coslow - Meroff - Dyson) (g)


10. SAN (McPhail - Michels) (h)
11. FROM MONDAY ON (H. Barris - B. CrosBy) (i)
12. SUGAR (M. Pinkard) (i)
13. SELECTIONS from SHOW BOAT (J. Kern - O. Hammerstein II) (j) - excerpt
14. COQUETTE (Lombardo - Green - Kahn) (k)
15. WHEN (Razaf - Shafer - J.C. Jcihnson) (I)
16. MY PET (Yellen - Ager) (m) 
17. FORGET ME NOT (Rykers - Marijulis) (m) 
18, LOUISIANA (Razaf - Shafer - J.C. Johnson) (n)


(a) JEAN GOLDKETTE & HIS.ORCHESTRA: Fred 'Fuzzy' FARRAR, Ray LODWIG (tp); Bix BEIDERBECKE (en); Bill RANK, Speigel WILCOX (tb); Don MURRAY (cl. as); Doc RYKER (as, ts); Frank TRUMBAUER (C-ms); Irv 'Itzy' RISKIN (p); Joe VENUTI (vln); Eddie LANG (g); Howdy QUICKSELL (bj); Steve BROWN (sbs); Chauncey MOREHOUSE (dr.); Frank BESSINGER (vcl); Bill CHALLIS (arr). New-York, October 15, 1926:

(b) As for (a); but Danny POLO (cl, as) and The REVELLERS (vcl) replace MURRAY and BESSINGER. Don MURRAY (arr). New-York, February 3, 1927.

(c) As .for (a); but LANG and VENUTI omitted.    Vocal by members of the band.    Camden, May 23,  1927.

(d) 'PAUL WHITEMAN & HIS CONCERT ORCHESTRA: Bix BEIDERBECKE (en); Tommy DORSEY, Boyce CULLEN (tb); Jimmy DORSEY (cl); Chester HAZLETT (bass cl, as); Charles STRICKFADEN (bs); Kurt DIETERLE, Misha RUSSEL (vln); Matty MALNECK (via); Hoagy CARMICHAEL (p, vcl);'Wilbur HALL (g); Steve BROWN (sbs); Harold McDONALD (dr); Bill CHALLIS (arr). Chicago, November 18, 1927.

(e) 19 musicians, including The Rhythm Boys, The Sweet Trio, Steve BROWN (sbs), Bill CHALLIS (arr).  Chicago November 23, 1927.

(f)   28 musicians, including BUSSE, Tommy DORSEY, Jimmy DORSEY, TRUMBAUER, MALNECK (via, arr), Steve BROWN, Bing CROSBY (vcl)!  Chicago, November 25, 1 927.

(g)  19 or 20 musicians, including BUSSE, TRUMBAUER, BROWN, Bill RANK (tb), Wilbur HALL (g), Bill CHALLIS (arr).  New-York, January 4, 1928.

(h)  Bix BEIDERBECKE (en); Charlie MARGULIS (tp); Bill RANK (tb); Jimmy DORSEY (tp, cl); Frank TRUMBAUER (C-ms); Matty MALNECK (via); Bill CHALLIS (p, arr); Carl KRESS (g); Min LEIBROOK (bsx); Harold McDONALD (dr).  New-York, January 12, 1928.

(i)    15 musicians on From Monday On and 23 on Sugar, including MARGULIS, BUSSE, Izzie FRIEDMAN (cl, ts), HAZLETT (cl, as), TRUMBAUER, Min LEIBROOK (bsx), The Rhythm Boys (vcl), Bill CHALLIS (arr).   New-York, February 28, 1928.

(i)   18 musicians, including BUSSE and STRICKFADEN. New-York, March 1,1923.

(k)  20 musicians, including BUSSE, TRUMBAUER, RANK, STRICKFADEN, BROWN, TRAFFICANTE, Bjll CHALLIS (arr). New-York, March 2, 1928.

(I)   As  for  (k),  one  sax  and  strings omitted;  Izzie  FRIEDMAN  (cl, ts)  added.     New-York,  March  12,   1928.

(m) 25 musicians, including BUSSE, PINDER, RANK, HALL, HAZLETT, TRUMBAUER, STRICKFADEN, LEIBROOK (bsx, bbs), FRIEDMAN, MALNECK, Ferdie GROFE 8. Roy BARGY (p), TRAFFICANTE (sbs).    In 'Forget me not' Lennie HAYTON (p) replaces GROFE.   Bill CHALLIS (arr.); Bing CROSBY, Ai RINKER, Chester HAZLETT, Skin YOUNG, Jack FULTON (vcl).  New-York, April 22. 1 928.

(n) As for Forget me not.  Bing CROSBY (vcl); Bill CHALLIS (arr).  New-York, April 23, 1928.

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