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Bubber Miley and his Friends (1929-1931) / RCA Black & White Series Vol. 65 - 741 057

Bubber Miley and his Friends (1929-1931) / RCA Black & White Series Vol. 65 - 741 057 - Buy Online


1. WHAT  IS THIS THING CALLED  LOVE   (C.  Porter)   (a)
2. PUTTIN'  ON THE RITZ  (I.  Berlin)   (a)
3. SAINT JAMES  INFIRMARY  (Joe Primrose)   (b)
4. WHEN YOU'RE SMILING   (Fischer - Goodwin - Shay)   (b)
5.  HAPPY  FEET   (Al Stillman  -  R.  ROSE)   (c)
6.  I LOST MY GAL FROM MEMPHIS  (Tobias,  De Rose)   (d)
7. WITHOUT  YOU,   EMALINE   (Tobias,   De  Rose)   (d)
8. BLACK MARIA  (F.  Rose)   (e)


9. CHINNN' AND  CHATTIN' WITH  MAY  (Fields - Simon)   (e)
10. LOVING YOU THE WAY I  DO  (Scholl - Morrissey - Blake) (f)
11. THE  PENALTY OF LOVE   (Jannath -  Heywood)   (f)
12. WITHOUT THAT GAL  (W.  Donaldson)   (g)
13. COAL-YARD SHUFFLE  (Joe Steele)   (h) 
14. COAL-YARD SHUFFLE  (Joe  steele)   (h)
15. TOP AND BOTTOM  (Joe Steele)   (h)
16. TOP AND BOTTOM   (Joe Steele)   (h)


(a) LEO REISMAN AND HIS ORCHESTRA : Rubber MILEY, Lew SHERWOOD, unknown (tp) ; unknown (tb) ; Jesse SMITH (cl) ; 3 unknown (cl), (as),-(Is) ; Adrian ROLLINI (bsx) ; unknown (o) ; Leo REISMAN (vln, Idr) ; Lew CONRAD (vln, vcl) ; unknown (vln) ; Eddie DUCHIN (p, eel) ..unknown (bj), (sbs), (dr). New York, January 20, 1930.

(b) KING OLIVER AND HIS ORCHESTRA : King OLIVER, Bubber MI'LEY, Henry ALLEN (tp) ; James ARCHEY (tb) ; Bobby HOLMES (cl, ss) ; Glynn PACQUE (as) ; 2 unknown (s) ; Don FRYE (p) ; Arthur TAYLOR (bj) ; Jean STULTZ (g) ; Clinton WALKER (bbs) ; Carroll DICKERSON (vln, Idr) ; Frank MARVIN (vcl). New York, January 28, 1930.

(c) LEO REISMAN AND HIS ORCHESTRA : same as (a) but Adrian ROLLINI, unknown (tp) and (o) omitted. Unknown (g) instead of (bj). New York, April 9, 1930.

(d) BUBBER MILEY AND HIS MILEAGE MAKERS : Bubber MILEY, Ward PINKETT, unknow (tp) ; Wilbur DE PARIS (tb) ; Hilton JEFFERSON, unknown (cl, as) ; Happy CALDWELL (ts) ; Earl FRAZIER (p, eel) ; Bernard ADDISON, unknown (bj, g) ; Bill BENFORD (bbs) ; Tommy BEN-FORD (dr) ; Frank MARVIN (vcl). New York, May 16, 1930.

(e) Same as (d) but Buster BAILEY (cl, as) replaces unknown ; unknown (sb) replaces BENFORD ; George BIAS (vcl). New York, July 3, 1930.

(f) as for (e) but unknown (tp) replaces PINKETT and unknown (tb) replaces de PARIS ; unknown (bj, g) ; one (s) omitted ; Edith WILSON (vcl). New York, September 17, 1930.

(g) LEO REISMAN AND HIS ORCHESTRA : same as (c) but unknown (tp), (tb), (vln), (sbs) added. Johnny GREEN (p) replaces DUCHIN. Leo REISMAN (vcl). New York, June 30, 1931.

(h) JOE STEELE AND HIS ORCHESTRA : Ward PINKETT, Jack WILSON or Langston CURL (tp) ; James ARCHEY (tb) ; Charlie HOLMES (cl, ss, as) ; F. Eugene MIKELL (ts) ; Joe GARLAND or Harry CARNEY (bs) ; Joe STEELE (p, Idr) ; unknown (bj) ; Frank SMITH (bbs) ; Gerald HOBSON (dr). New York, June 4, 1929.

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