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Lionel Hampton's Best Records Vol.3 / RCA Black & White Series Vol. 28 - 731048

Lionel Hampton's Best Records Vol.3 / RCA Black & White Series Vol. 28 - 731048
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b] WHEN LIGHTS ARE LOW (Carter - Williams)
b] ONE SWEET LETTER FROM YOU  (Brown - Clare - Warren)
b] HOT MALLETS  (Lionel Hampton)
b] EARLY SESSION  HOP  (Wilson - Buster Harding)
f] TILL TOM SPECIAL (Goodman - L. Hampton)
f] FLYING HOME  (Goodman - Hampton - Robin)
f] TEMPO AND SWING (G. Hampton)
a] BIG WIG IN THE WIGWAM  (Roe - Alexander - Case - Bradley)


c] HAVEN'T NAMED  IT YET  (L.  Hampton - C.  Christian)
c] I'M ON MY WAY FROM YOU  (Dan Burley - L. Hampton)
d] I'VE FOUND A NEW BABY  (Palmer - Williams)
e] DINAH  (Lewis - Young - Akst)
e] MY BUDDY  (Gus Kahn - W.  Donalsonj
d] I  CAN'T GET STARTED  (Ira Gershwin - Vernon  Duke)
d] GIN  FOR  CHRISTMAS   (Lionel  Hampton)


a) ZIGGY ELMAN (tp), HYMIE SCHERTZER, RUSSELL PROCOPE (alto), CHEW BERRY, JERRY JEROME (tenor). CLYDE HART (piano), DANNY BARKER (guit.), MILTON HINJTON (basse), COZY COLE (timbales), LIONEL HAMPTON (drums). New-York City. 9 Juin 1939.

b) DIZZY GILLESPIE (tp), BENNY CARTER (alto), COLEMAN HAWKINS, CHEW BERRY, BEN WEBSTER (tenor), CLYDE HART (piano), CHARLIE CHRISTIAN (guit.), MILTON HINTON (basse), COZY COLE (drums), LIONEL HAMPTON (vibraphone, vocal). New-York City, 11 Septembre 1939.

c) HENRY ALLEN (tp), J.C. HIGGINBOTHAM (tb), EARL BOSTIC (alto), CLYDE HART (p), CHARLIE CHRISTIAN (guit.), ARTIE BERNSTEIN (basse), BIG SID CATLETT (drums), LIONEL HAMPTON (vibraphone, vocal). New-York City, 12 Octobre 1939.

d) ZIGGY ELMAN (tp), TOOTS MENDELLO (alto), BEN WEBSTER, JERRY JEROME (tenor), CLYDE HART (p), AL CASEY (guit.), ARTIE BERNSTEIN (basse), SLICK JONES (drums), LIONEL HAMPTON (vibraphone, piano dans « The Munson Street », « I've found a new baby », drums dans •< Gin for Christmas »). New-York City, 30 Octobre 1939.

e) BENNY CARTER (tp, alto), EDMOND HALL (cl), COLEMAN HAWKINS (tenor), JOE SULLIVAN (p), FREDDY GREEN (guit), ARTIE BERNSTEIN (basse), ZUTTY SINGLETON (drums), LIONEL HAMPTON  (vibraphone).  New-York City, 21  Decembre 1939.

f) ZIGGY ELMAN (tp), TOOTS MENDELLO, BUFF ESTES (alto), BUDD JOHNSON, JERRY JEROME (tenor), SPENCER ODON (p), ERNEST ASHLEY (guit.), ARTIE BERNSTEIN (basse), NICK FA-TOOL (drums), LIONEL HAMPTON (vibraphone). Chicago, 26 Fevrier 1940.

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