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THE SIX SWINGERS 1935 : 1936 / SH249

THE SIX SWINGERS 1935 : 1936 / SH249

Side 1

1. Chicken Reel (Daly-Scott Wood) (a) Francis, Day & Hunter Ltd.
2. The Darktown Strutters' Ball (Shelton Brooks) (CAR-3506-1) (b) Francis, Day & Hunter.
3. Weather Man (Caesar-Chase) (CAR-3584-1) (c) Lawrence Wright.
4. Swingin'The Lead (Dedicated to Duke Ellington) (George Scott Wood) (CAR-3585-1) (c) MCPS.
5. Hot Pie, No. 3 (Part 1) (IntroLimehouse Blues (Douglas Furber-Philip Braham) Ascherberg Hopwood Crew Ltd. Miss Annabelle Lee (Sidney Clare-Lew Pollack) Francis, Day & Hunter. Everybody Loves My Baby (Jack Palmer-Clarence Williams-Palmer-Spencer) B. Feldman & Co. Ltd. You Rascal, You (Sam Theard) Shine (Ford Dabney) (CAR-3588-1) (c).
6. Hot Pie, No. 3 (Part 2) (Intro. It Had To Be You (Gus Kahn-lsham Jones) Francis, Day & Hunter Ltd. Tea For Two (Irving Caesar-Vincent Youmans) Chappell & Co. Ltd. Sleepy-Time Gal (Lorenzo-Aldan-Egan-Whiting) Francis, Day & Hunter Ltd. (CAR-3589-1) (c).
7. Black Coffee (Sigler-Goodhart-Hoffman) (CAP-21-1) (d) B. Feldman & Co. Ltd.
8. Lulu's Back In Town (Al Dubin-Harry Warren) (CAR-3650-1) (d) B. Feldman & Co Ltd
9. I'm Livin' In A Great Big Way (Dorothy Fields-Jimmy McHugh) (CAR-3722-1) (e)   Irving Berlin (England) Music — Chappell

Side 2

1. Truckin' On Down (Porter-Blake) (CAR-3723-1) (e) Francis, Day & Hunter Ltd.
2. You're An Eyeful Of Heaven (Mort Dixon-Allie Wrubel) (CAR-3847-1) (f) B. Feldman & Co. Ltd.
3. I'd Love To Take Orders From You (Al Dubin-Harry Warren) (CAR-3848-1) (f) B. Feldman & Co. Ltd.
4. A Little Bit Independent (Edgar Leslie-Joe Burke) (CAR-3849-1) (f) Francis, Day 8- Hunter Ltd.
5. Georgia Rockin' Chair (Fisher) (CAR-3850-1) (f) Southern Music Publ. Co. Ltd.
6. My Girl's A Rhythm Fan (Box-Cox-Roberts) (CAR-3966-1) (g) Cecil Lennox.
7. Rhythm In My Nursery Rhymes (Sammy Cahn-Don Raye-Jimmie Lunceford-Sol Chaplin) (CAR-3967-1) (g) Campbell Connelly & Co. Ltd. Sa"tl
8. Handel In Harlem (George Scott Wood) (CAR-3968-1) (g) MCPS.
9. My Sweetie Went Away (Roy Turk-Lou Handman) (CAR-3969-1) (g) B. Feldman & Co. Ltd.


(A) George Scott Wood (piano and arranger) directing Billy Farrell (trumpet); Tony Thorpe (trombone); Freddy Gardner (clarinet, alto and baritone saxophone); Joe Young (banjo and guitar); Dick Escott (string bass); Max Abrams (drums); Brian Lawrence (vocal).
London, June 27, 1935.
(B) As for (a), but Ted Heath (trombone) replaces Thorpe; London, July 1, 1935.
(C) As for (a), but Farrell doubles trombone; Marjorie Stedeford (vocal) on Weather Man. London, September 13, 1935. (D) As for (a), but Jock Fleming (trombone) replaces Thorpe, and James Jack (drums) replaces Abrams; no vocal. London, October 10,1935. (E) As for (d), but Jock Jacobson (drums) replaces Jack; Marjorie Stedeford (vocal). London, November 13, 1935. (F) George Scott Wood (piano and arranger) directing Harry Owen (trumpet); Jock Fleming (trombone); Harry Hayes (clarinet and alto saxophone); J6e Young (guitar); Dick Escott (string bass); Jock Jacobson (drums); Sam Costa (vocal) on all except Georgia Rockin' Chair
(Frank Kerslake); Jacobson also plays vibraphone on this; London, January 10, 1936.
(G) As for (f), but Freddy Gardner (clarinet and also saxophones) replaces Hayes; Scott Wood plays the goof us on Rhythm In My Nursery Rhymes, piano-accordion on Handel In Harlem; Sam Costa (vocal throughout). London, March 4,1936.

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