Thursday, 10 February 2011

Ben Webster - Live in Amsterdam - AFF 202

Ben Webster - Live in Amsterdam - AFF 202 - MP3


1   JOHNNY COME LATELY (B. Stray horn)
2   COME SUNDAY (D. Ellington)
3   INDIANA (V. F. Hanley, B. McDonald)
4   HOW LONG HAS THIS BEEN GOING ON (G. and I. Gershwin)


1   BLUES IN F (Ben Webster)
2   OLD FOLKS (Hill, Robinson)
3   PERDIDO (J. Tizol)
4   FOR ALL WE KNOW (Coots, Lewis)
5   SUNDAY (Miller, Stein)

A "Daybreak" recording, licensed from Charly Records International APS

Recorded, January 24 1969 at the Lurelei Theatre, Amsterdam

Recorded by Egbert de Bloeme

Re-mastered by Jan Kranendonk, Fendal Sound Studio and John Dent, The Exchange

Produced by Fred Dubiez

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