Thursday, 10 February 2011

Big Jazz - Atlantic Label ID. ALS 1209

Big Jazz - Atlantic Label ID. ALS 1209 | The Encyclopedia of Jazz

with Jack Teagarden & Rex Stewart

Description from the Sleeve
It was 1940 and jazz was still in the process of coming up out of the basements: the Famous Door and the Onyx and Monroe's Uptown House and the old Nick's were all a few steps down and record collectors got their items in cellars because collecting was a question of archaeology.

The kick was to complete your Louis collection to find some of those Claxtonolas to get Benny Goodman and Duke under all the pseudonyms— the collecting viewpoint meant Looking Backwards and Downstairs because that's all there was. What record stores there were with the exception of a few tabernacles like the Commodore and the Hot Record Shop had no jazz to sell you because nobody was making new jazz records and the trade in the old ones was still a private ritual.

Until it began to dawn on some people that a lot of pretty good jazz musicians were on the scene and why not get them together for a record session? To the jazz world the idea simple as it seems today was the biggest thing since brillo and everybody musicians included was knocked out: Indeed let's have some new jazz records and all you have to do to own them is to go into the store and ask the clerk put your money down and take them home!

ID. 100072 - Big Jazz - Atlantic Label ID. ALS 1209

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