Thursday, 10 February 2011

Denys Baptiste, Gary Crosby, Rod Youngs at the Art Centre Norwich

Denys Baptiste, Gary Crosby, Rod Youngs at the Art Centre, Norwich - 20th January 2011 - Identity By Subtraction

Last night was a superb night. A few drinks, An Italian Meal and Some of the best Jazz that I've ever seen in Norwich. It's been a few years since I last watched Denys Baptiste play Jazz in Norwich ... He was great back then and he's even better today. His band are tremendous. I'm afraid that I didn't catch the pianist's name, from what I understand he's new to the band, but fits very well into this very flexible, yet tight quartet. Gary Crosby is as animated as a Bass player can get, it wears you out just watching his work rate. Rod Youngs' fluid, dreamy style of drumming is punctuated by sudden slaps and thuds which, like a buddhist master slapping you on the back of the head, keeps you conscious of every subtle interplay.

The band look happy to play together and that was reflected by the really warm reception that they received in Norwich. The couple of hundred people who were there pleaded for an encore and were not let down. I have a small recording of the last tune ... have a listen below:


  1. Awesome site man! I listen to a lot of recorded jazz (and have actually started a listening diary blog), but I do not listen to a lot live jazz. I am quite jealous, and plan to keep an eye on the live jazz you are listening to!

  2. Many thanks for the post guys, we'll keep an eye on your site for news of any further shows. I've posted a link to the final tune, it's a but rough, but I hope it does the band justice :-)

  3. Many thanks for the post...Denys and the guys had a terrific time in Norwich last night. We love the venue and will try and get back with more of our artists as soon as we can. And please upload the last tune, we'd like to hear it too!