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DON REDMAN - CBS 52539 - For Europeans Only


HOW'M I DOIN', HEY, HEY (2:53) (A) Vocal and arrangement: Don Redman. Recorded February 26,1932 NYC. Brunswick6273, mx B11366-A.
I HEARD (3:05) (B)'Solos': Claude Jones, Edward Inge, Bob Carroll. Vocal: Harlan Lattimore arrangernent: Don Redman -Recorded June 17,1932 NYC. Columbia 2678-D (Harlan Lattimore and His Connie's Inn Orchestra), mxW152218-1.
REEFER MAN (3:25) (B) SolQs:Bennv Morton, Shirley Clay, Bob Carroll. Vocal: Claude Nones arrangement: Don Redman-Recorded June 17,1932 NYC. Columbia 2678-D (Harlan Lattimore and His Connie's Inn Orchestra), mx W152220-2.
TEA FOR TWO (3:10) (B) Solos: Shirley Clay, Benny Morton. Vocal: Harlan Lattimore. Arrangement: Don Redman -Recorded June 30,1936 NYC. Brunswick 6354 mx B12005-A.
I GOT RHYTHM (3:10) (B) Solos: Benny Morton, Edward Inge, Bob Carroll, Edward Inge, Benny Morton. Arrangement: Don Redman-Recorded June 30,1932 NYC. Brunswick 6354, mx B12007-A.
NAGASAKI (3:05) (B) Solos: Claude Jones, Sidney DeParis, Horace Henderson. Vocal and arrangement: Don Redman -Recorded October 6,1932 NYC. Brunswick6429, mx B12447-A.
HOT AND ANXIOUS (2:43) (B) Solos: Shirley Clay, Bob Carroll. Vocal: Don Redman. Arrangement: Horace Henderson -Recorded June 30 1932 NYC. Brunswick6368, mx B12006-A.
SOPHISTICATED LADY (2:50) (C) Solos: Don Redman, clarinet and alto sax. Arrangment: Don Redman- Recorded April 26,1933 NYC. Brunswick 6560, mx B13284-A.


Edward Inqe, Sidney DeParis, Claude Jones, Sidney DeParis, Edward Inge. Vocal: Harlan Lattimore. Arrangement: Don Redman - Recorded April 26, IgSS^YC.Bmnswick 6560, mx B13286-A.
THAT DALLAS MAN (2:44) (D) Solos: Sidney DeParis, Benny Morton, Bob Carroll. Vocal: Don Redman. Arrangement: Don Kirkpatrick-Recorded October 20,1933 NYC. Brunswick 6684, mxB14192-A.
GOT THE JITTERS (2:29) (E) Solos: Jerry Blake, Edward Inge. Arrangement and vocal: Don Redman- Recorded January 9,1934 NYC. Brunswick6745, mx B14559-A.
BUGLE CALL RAG (2:45) (F) Solos: Harold Baker, Edward Inge, Harold Baker, Rupert Cole, Harold Baker, Benny Morton. Arrangement: Don Redman-Recorded September 30,1936 NYC. Vocalion 3354, mx 19982-1.
SWEET SUE (2:19) (G) Solo: Harold Baker. Arrangement: Don Redman-Recorded May 28,1937 NYC. Variety 605, mx M 510-1. EXACTLY LIKE YOU (2:30) (G) Solos: Harold Baker, Benny Morton. Vocal: Entire band. Arrangement: Don Red man-Recorded May 28,1937 NYC. Variety 580, mx M 506-1.
SUNNY SIDE OF THE STREET (2:25) (G) Soloi.-Harold Baker, Benny Morten, Vocal:Swing Choir. Arrangement:Don Redman-Recorded May28,1937NYC. Variety 580, mx M 508-1.
SWINGIN' WITH THE FAT MAN (2:51) (G) Solos: Reunald Jones, Rupert Cole, Reunald Jones, Benny Morton, Gene Porter, Harold Baker, Rupert Cole. Arrangement: Head arrangement-Recorded May 28,1937 NYC. Variety unissued, mx M 509-2.


(A) Langston Curl, Shirley Clay, Sidney DeParis - Trumpets. Claude Jones, Fred Robinson, Benny Morton - Trombones; Don Redman Alto and Soprano Saxes and arranger; Rupert Cole -Alto Sax; Edward \nge-Clarinet and AltoSax; Bob Carrol I- Tenor Sax; Horace Henderson-P/anoand Arranger;"Ta\cett Reeves -Banjo and Guitar; Bob Ysaguirre-Tubaand Bass; Manzie Johnson -Drums.
(B) As (A): Quentin Jackson, Trombone replaces Robinson.
(C) As (A): Don Kirkpatrick, Piano and Arranger replaces Henderson.
(D) As (A): Gene Simon, Trombone replaces Jones.
(E) As (A): Henry Alien, Trumpet replaces Curl; Jerry Blake,
Alto and Baritone Saxes added.
(F) Reunald Jones, Harold Baker, Otis Johnson - Trumpets;
same Trombones; Harvey Boone, Alto Sax and Baritone Sax
replaces Blake; Don Kirkpatrick -Piano; Clarence Holiday -
Guitar; Bob Ysaguirre-Bass/Sid Catlett- Drums.
(G) Gene Porter- Tenor Sax replaces Carroll; Bob Lessey,
Guitar replaces Holiday.

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