Thursday, 10 February 2011

The Georgia Boy From London - NAT GONELLA | EMI PMC 7149

The Georgia Boy From London - NAT GONELLA | EMI PMC 7149


1.        GEORGIA ON MY MIND (Carmichael-Gorrell) C. Connelly-Southern Music-MCPS-NCB
2.        WASHBASH BLUES (Ringle-Meinken) Francis Day-MCPS-Britico-NCB
3.        JUST A KID NAMED JOE (David-Livingston) Francis Day-S. Bernstein-NCB
4.        JEEPERS CREEPERS ( Warren-Mercer) Feldman-Chappell-Britico-NCB
5.        TIGER RAG (Original Dixieland Jazz Band) Feldman-MCPS-Britico-NCB
6.        OL* MAN MOSE (Armstrong-Randolph) C. Connelly-MCPS-Britico-NCB
7.        BYE BYE BLUES (Hamm-Bennett-Lown-Gray) Francis Day-MCPS-Britico
8.        OH MO'NAH (Weems-Washburn) Montgomery Successors-MCPS-C. Connelly-Britico-NCB

1.        YOU MUST HAVE BEEN A BEAUTIFUL BABY (Mercer- Warren) Feldman-Chappell-Britico-NCB
2.        I MUST SEE ANNIE TONIGHT (Friend-Franklin) Sun Music-Publ. F. Day-NCB
3.        WHEN YOU'RE SMILING (Fisher-Goodwin-Shay) Feldman-MCPS-Britico-NCB
4.        THE FLAT FOOT FLOOGEE (GaUlard-Stewart-Green) World Wide-C. Connelly-Publ. F. Day-NCB
5.        SOMEONE STOLE GABRIEL'S HORN (Mills- Washington-Hay es) Lafleur
6.        E FLAT BLUES (Morris- Williams) Leeds Music
7.        SPOOKY TAKES A HOLIDAY (Clinton) Peter Maurice-Britico-NCB
8.        MAHOGANY HALL BLUES STOMP (Williams) E. H.Morris & Co.

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