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Glenn Miller's Army Air Force Band Vol.2 - RCA Label ID. RD-27217

Glenn Miller's Army Air Force Band Vol.2   - RCA Label ID. RD-27217 - The Golden Years: 1938-1942 (4CD)

Description from the Sleeve

Personnel of the A.A.F. Orchestra

Glenn Miller (trombone) directing:
  • Trombones: Jimmy Priddy Larry Hall Dick Halliburton Nat Peck.
  • Trumpets: Zeke Zarchy Bobby Nichols Whhey Thomas Bernie Privin Jack Steele.
  • Saxes: Hank Freeman Vince Carbone Mannie Thaler Fred Guerra Jack Ferrier Michael "Peanuts" Hucko (also clarinet).
  • Rhythm: Mel Powell (piano) Herman "Trigger11 Alpert (fc«.v.v) Carmen Mastren (guitar) Ray McKinley (drums).
  • French horn: Addison Collins.
  • Strings: George Ockner (leader and concert-master) Harry Katzman (assistant leader). Carl Swanson Dave Herman Dave Schwartz
    Eugene Bergen Morris Bailkin. Henry Brynan Earl Cornwall Phil Cogliano Milton Edelson Stanley Harris Nat Kaproff Ernest Kardos Joseph Kowalewski Richard Motolinski Bob Ripley David Sackson Emmanuel Wishnow Fred Ostrovsky Stanley Hank.
  • Vocals: Johnny Desmond Ray McKinley the Crew Chiefs (who consist of: Sieve Steck Eugene Steck Arthur Malvin Murray Kane Lynn Allison).
Note: Chuck Gentry (baritone sax) and Louis Stein (piano) were replaced before the band came to this country. Also same applies to Bob Carroll (vocal).

ID. 100060 - Glenn Miller's Army Air Force Band Vol.2   - RCA Label ID. RD-27217

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