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Glenn Miller - In the USA and Europe - Magic Label ID. AWE E6

Glenn Miller - In the USA and Europe - Magic Label ID. AWE E6 - The Golden Years: 1938-1942 (4CD)
The Glenn Miller Service Orchestra

Description from the Sleeve

When Glenn Miller broke up his very successful civilian band in September 1942 and joined the services it was at least eight months before his marvellous service orchestra was first heard over the radio in those stiring 'I Sustain The Wings' broadcasts. These radio shows ran until June 1944 when the band then sailed for England. Whilst still in the USA they had also been busy recording transcriptions and V-Disc's and also playing for Savings Bond Rallies.

Once in England the band after a very short stay in London moved to Bedford to avoid the danger of the Vl's (flying bombs). They began broadcasting regularly over the BBC. The full orchestra The Dance Band (Swing Shift) Strings on their own 'Strings with Wings' a small jazz group The Uptown Hall Gang' and Johnny Desmond had his own programme 'Soldier with a Song'. Glenn usually led the full orchestra Ray McKinley the 'Swing Shift' George Ockner the 'Strings with Wings' and Mel Powell The Uptown Hall Gang'. Some unit from the full orchestra was on the radio each day of the week. The band also gave concerts at service camps and units from it played for dancing.

Glenn went on ahead of the orchestra to France a journey on which he was to lose his life. The band followed three days later and resumed their broadcasts over the BBC airwaves from Paris. Eventually after giving hundreds of concerts and broadcasts the band returned to the USA and for a short while resumed the *I Sustain The Wings' broadcasts before being finally disbanded in November 1945. The end of an era in musical history.

Dedications:- Firstly to all the musicians and singers who made this wonderful music in the first place. Secondly to the members of the Glenn Miller Society and their friends who have kept the interest in Glenn's music all these many years. Thirdly to a member of the Glenn Miller Society who like Glenn himself was taken long before his time BILL HOLLAND who was Chairman of the Glenn Miller Society at the time of his passing how he would have enjoyed having a copy of this record in his collection. I can only hope that all of you who buy this record will feel the same way about it.

Hon Secretary The International Glenn Miller Society
October 1982

ID. 100062 - Glenn Miller - In the USA and Europe - Magic Label ID. AWE E6

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