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Glenn Miller Singers - Reunion in HI-Fi Jasmine Label ID. JASM 1015

The Glenn Miller Singers - Reunion in HI-Fi Jasmine Records Label ID. JASM 1015 - The Golden Years: 1938-1942 (4CD)

Vinyl Condition VG 

Description from the Sleeve

This recording is obviously not a "Glenn Miller" recording. It is, however, a relaxed, musical get-together of some of the singers and instrumentalists who performed with the Glenn Miller band in its heyday. Their happy sound on all these selections points up better than words can describe, just what a "kick" these former Glenn Miller singers—Marion Mutton, Ray Eberle, "Tex" Beneke and The Modernaires—got out of this reunion, in singing some of the great all-time Miller favourites that helped catapult Glenn Miller and his singers to fame.

THERE have been many magic names in American popular music, but none with the sweeping appeal of Glenn Miller. All tastes responded in some degree or other to Glenn. The kids who crowded around the stand
to applaud a soloist, an arrangement, a favourite song or a favourite singer were his ardent fans. Their parents, uncles and aunts who just came to dance were Miller zealots. And so were thousands whose acquaintance with the organisation was limited to records and radio appearances.


All sorts of reasons can be advanced for the contagious appeal of The Glenn Miller Organisation, not the least of them the fact that it was a company he commanded. As soon as he found mass support, in 1939, Glenn began to fill in his ranks, until he had depth in every division. Behind impeccably rehearsed sections stood jazzmen of quality, if only to carry eight bars of trumpet jazz or a swinging sixteen of tenor, clarinet, or baritone. And in front of all the musicians rose the singers. Through the singers, Glenn reached the public his wildly successful instrumentals had not quite won over. For the singers, Glenn chose songs that held the public permanently.

Here are the singers and the songs. In a reunion that has all the sentimental impact of a college or high-school class united again after 15 years apart, the good old days—and nights—are brought alive again. It means a lot to the singers involved: they came into their own with Glenn Miller. It means much for the songs: they could not have established themselves half so firmly or so permanently without these singers and Glenn's arrangements. It will means as much again to the classes of '38 through '44, those who sang along or hummed or whistled with Marion Hutton, Ray.Eberle, Tex Beneke, and the Modernaires as they gave themselves and their vehicles captivating careers 14, 15, 18 and 20 years ago. What is astonishing is that it will probably mean as much to the classes of '58 to '64—and on and on to the end of the century. Glenn Miller is a legend and so are his songs and his singers.

ID. 100058 - Glenn Miller Singers - Reunion in HI-Fi Jasmine Label ID. JASM 1015

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