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Gulf Coast Seven and the Original Jazz Hounds | VJM RECORDS VLP 45 MONO

Gulf Coast Seven and the Original Jazz Hounds | VJM RECORDS VLP 45 MONO
Side 1     GULF COAST 7

FADE AWAY BLUES (Gus Horsley) (81021-3) (a)
DAYBREAK BLUES (Robert Kelly} (81022-3) (a)
PAPA, BETTER WATCH YOUR STEP (Gilbert Wells-Bud Cooper)
(81168-2) (b)
MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE (Perry Bradford) (81169-2) (b)
SANTA CLAUS BLUES (Gus Kahn-Charley Straight) (141245-4) (c)
KEEP YOUR TEMPER (Willie "The Lion" Smith) (141246-3) (c)
DAYLIGHT SAVIN'BLUES (Perry Bradford) (147151-1) (d)
GEORGIA'S ALWAYS ON MY MIND (James P. Johnson-Perry Bradford)
(147152-1) (d)


'FO' DAY BLUES (Perry Bradford) (140760-1) (e)
1620 TO 1865 (UNCLE EPH'S DREAM) (Gus Horsley-Perry Bradford)
(140761-2) (e)
(140840-2) (f)
SLOW DOWN (Perry Bradford) (140841-3) (f)
CANNON BALL BLUES (Balkcan) (140846-2) (g)
VAMPING LUCY LONG (Perry Bradford) (140847-3) (g)
ALL THAT I HAD IS GONE (Perry Bradford) (143657-2) (h)
LUCY LONG (Perry Bradford) (143658-3) (h)

Personnels:— (all directed by Perry Bradford)

(a)   Gus Aiken (cornet); Bud Aiken (trombone); ? Gan/in Bushel/ (clarinet and alto saxophone); Ernest Elliott (clarinet and tenor saxophone); Leroy Tibbs (piano); John Mitchell (banjo). New York, May 17, 1923.
(b)  As for (a), plus 2nd comet; Sam Speed (banjo) may replace Mitchell. New York, August 7, 1923.
(c)   June Clark (cornet); Jimmy Harrison (trombone); Buster Bailey (clarinet); Prince Robinson (tenor saxophone); Willie "The Lion" Smith (piano); Buddy Christian (banjo); ? Bill Benford (brass bass); "Jazz" Carson (drums). New York, Novembers, 1925.
(d)   Louis Metcalf (comet); ? Joe Nanton ("Tricky Sam") (trombone); ? Johnny Hodges (soprano and alto saxes) ? Barney Bigard (clarinet and tenor saxophone); James P. Johnson (piano); ? Sonny Greer (drums). Perry Bradford (vocal). New York, October 19, 1928.
(e)   Thornton G. Brown (comet); Jake Frazier (trombone); Bob Fuller (clarinet and alto saxophones); Ernest Elliott (clarinet and tenor saxophone); Mike Jackson (piano); Sam Speed (banjo); New York, July 14, 1925.
(f)   As for (e), plus Perry Bradford (vocal). New York, August 11, 1925.
(g)  As for (e). New York, August 12, 1925.
(h)   Louis Metcalf (comet); Jake Frazier (trombone); Bob Fuller (clarinet); James P.Johnson (piano); unknown banjo; ? Harry Hull (brass bass); unknowft drums/chimes; Perry Bradford (vocal). New York, March 15, 1927.

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