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JAZZ At The Philharmonic - Verve Label ID. VRV 1

JAZZ At The Philharmonic   - Verve Label ID. VRV 1

The One O'Clock Jump 1953

Vinyl Condition VG 

Description from the Sleeve

JAZZ At The Philharmonic began on July 2,1944 when jazz entrepreneur Norman Granz staged a benefit concert at Philharmonic Hall in Los Angeles. It was an overwhelming critical and commercial success, and spawned more concerts. Eventually a series of national and international tours were organized, and Granz decided to record them for posterity — knowing that the jazz public would want to relive the historic sounds of JATP for years to come.
He handpicked the musicians for JATR and they were indeed the cream-of-the-crop. A member of the troupe was by definition an all-star. Swing-style players were most frequently represented, but a Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie or, later, Stan Getz, Sonny Stitt, or JJ. Johnson was right at home on the JATP stage.

By 1949, the format for the shows was set. The cast of characters changed from show to show, although several jazz greats were stalwarts including Ella Fitzgerald, Oscar Peterson and Gene Krupa.

The presentations were broken down into two parts, the first half being an all-star jam session, and the second half featuring the individual sets of Fitzgerald, Peterson, Krupa and occasionally Lester Young or Coleman Hawkins. At the completion of this segment the whole troupe joined together for a rousing finale.

The music contained on this and the other nine volumes is Jazz At The Philharmonic at its peak. Whether it's an individual performance or a jam session, this is unparalleled live jazz.

ID. 100041 - JAZZ At The Philharmonic   - Verve Label ID. VRV 1

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