Thursday, 10 February 2011

Jazz a la Midnight - Hall of Fame Label ID. JG 608

Jazz a la Midnight   - Hall of Fame Label ID. JG 608


Vinyl Condition VG

Description from the Sleeve -

There's nothing like the wonderfully relaxed feeling you can get from listening to good jazz. This goes for the emotional release you get from a truly relaxed beat, and it also holds for the warm, emotional, beautifully-phrased blowing of ballads by jazz musicians who phrase with all the subtle shadings that set apart good jazz from just ordinary popular music
You're most likely to hear the greatest of this moody sort of jazz blown late at night after musicians have gone through a long evening of really giving out and just before they decide to call it a day. It's the sort of jazz they blow for their own emotional release, a way of unwinding, a way of releasing basic emotions like sentimentality and melancholia— in general the warm sort of mood reflected by their improvisations.

Throughout the history of jazz its listeners have appreciated this sort of music, too—the tender, warm, relaxed recording by stars like Johnny Hodges and Ben Webster and Bunny Berigan and Louis Armstrong and. even the usual volatile Lionel Hampton. And, of course, by the great Coleman Hawkins and all the other fine musicians who are represented on this disc.

However, their jazz interpretations of ballads have raised one question. Is what they play jazz with mood music overtones? Or is it basically mood music with jazz overtones? Actually, the exactness of the semantics involved doesn't mean too much, because either way their music adds up to the same thing—wonderfully warm, intimate, pulsating versions of some of great songs, always with a beat, merely jmplied some of the time, and with the sort of tasty, feel-ingful phrasing that can come only from true jazz musicians.

ID. 100014 - Jazz a la Midnight   - Hall of Fame Label ID. JG 608

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