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SAM DONAHUE - Hollywood Hop - HEP 25

SAM DONAHUE - Hollywood Hop - HEP 25


1. Hollywood Hop (Donahue)   2.45 (c)
2. Encore Essence Donahue) 2.58 (c)
3. St. Louis Blues (Handy)       3.38 (a)
4. Dinah (Young-Lewis-Akst)    4.23 (a)
5. Without A Song
Rose-Eliscu-Youmans)         2.55(b)
6. Smooth Blend Donahue)     2.48(d)


1. Round The Block Donahue) 2.56 (c)
2. Catch As Catch Can
(Donahue)    3.03 (c)
3. I Cover The Waterfront
(Green-Heyman)    3.06 (e)
4. After You've Gone
(Creamer-Layton    2.40 (b) vocal by Don Jacoby
5. There'll Be Some Changes
Made (Higgins-Overstreet)   2.24 (e)
6. Exactly Like You
Field-McHugh)    1.58 (e)
7. Sax-O-Boogie Donahue)
vocal by band    2.22 (f)


Sam Donahue - leader & tenor sax soloist on all tracks.

(a) Conrad Gozzo, Frank Beach, Johnny Best, Don Jacoby (tp); Dick LeFave, Tak Takvorian, Tasso Harris, Gene Leetch (tb); Bill Nichol, Mack Pierce, Ralph LaPolla, Joe Aglora, Charlie Wade (s); Al Horesh (g); Rocky Coluccio (p); Barney Spieler (b); Buzz Sithens (d). Recorded in London, November 1944.

(b) Same as (a), except Obie Masingill (tb) replaced

Recorded in Hollywood, September 1945.

(c) Johnny Best (tp); Dick LeFave (tb); Willie Smith (as); Rocky Coluccio (p); Tom Scully (b); Jimmy Pratt (d). Recorded in Hollywood, December 12,1945.

(d) Lyman Vunk, Hank Caron, Mitch Paul, Tony Di-Nardi (tp); Dick LeFave, Harry DiVito, Leon Cox, Ed Fromm (tb); Bill Nichol, Harry Peterson, John Forys, Jimmie Brenner, Don Brindley (s); Ben Heller (g); Ray Rossi (p); Ed Cunningham (b); Harold Hahn (d). Recorded in New York, December 1946.

(e) Probably - Mitch Paul (tp); Dick LeFave (tb); Bill Nichol (c/as); Ray Rossi (p); Ed Cunningham (b); Harold Hahn (d). Recorded in New York, December 1946.

(f) Fern Caron, Bill Faffley, Don Faffley, Doc Severinson (tp); Obie Masingill, Bobby Burgess, Ed Fromm (tb); Tom Morgan, Harry Peterson, Vie Pow-ell, Joe Reisman (s); Ray Rossi (p); Red Kelly (b); Harold Hahn (d). Recorded in New York, July 1948.


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