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Betty Grable Dan Dailey & Dick Haymes - CIF Label ID. CIF 3008

Betty Grable Dan Dailey & Dick Haymes - CIF Label ID. CIF 3008 | MP3

Mother Wore Tights and The Shocking Miss Pilgrim

Description from the Sleeve
A musical double-header to delight the collector of movie musicals the fans of Betty Grable Dan Dailey and Dick Haymes and for those people who just enjoy good music.

Mother Wore Tights finds Betty Grable Dan Dailey Mona Freeman and Connie Marshall involved in the trials drama and joys of a family whose lives revolve around show business. It's a true story based on the happy hilarious life of a pair of lovable hoofers. Myrtle and Frank Burt a real-life vaudeville team whose adventures were chronicled by their daughter Miriam Young in the best selling biography "Mother Wore Tights."

Mack Gordon and Josef Myrow wrote six great songs to blend with the unusually rich dramatic content of "Mother Wore Tights." The song Burlington Bertie from Bow is an old English Music Hall number by Hargreaves.
Mother Wore Tights has an abundance of music and rather than sacrifice any of the songs it is concluded on side two.

The timeless quality of George Gershwin's music which makes it representative of any age or spirit is delightfully evident in the score of "Shocking Miss Pilgrim."

When Ira Gershwin was hired to do the score to "The Shocking Miss Pilgrim" he expected to collaborate with one of the studio's composers. Thinking over the list of compositions left by his brother he found them perfectly suited to the tempo and background of the film which is a light-hearted tale of a women's invasion into business world in the latter half of the 19th Century. They were complete compositions not fragments and fine examples of George Gershwin's lyrical inventiveness^ and intuitive instinct for harmony which made his music world-famed.

ID. 100071 - Betty Grable Dan Dailey & Dick Haymes - CIF Label ID. CIF 3008

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