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Big Band Rhythm - Must Label ID. M-8001

Big Band Rhythm - Must Label ID. M-8001

Recommendation: A Discography of Early Ragtime, Jazz, and Novelty Syncopated Piano Recordings, 1889-1934 (Discographies)

Vinyl Condition VG 

Description from the Sleeve


King Carter And His Royal Orchestra was one of the many "nom de plume" (or should we say "nom de trompette"?) of the Mills Blue Rhythm band.

They used this name for the two recording sessions for Columbia in 1931 and the real big band sound of the early thirties complete with vocal is well presented here.

Hiding true identities for contractual reasons was the game of the day.

Jones' Chicago Cosmopolitans covered the activities of that old New Orleans pianist leader and arranger Richard M. Jones accompanied by a studio group plucked from several different orchestras like Dave Peyton.
It is interesting to note that apart from Louis Metcalf also Herschel Evans participates. The first title gives us a somewhat dated vocal extolling the virtues and prowess of negro champion boxer Joe Louis however interspersed are some good solos namely by Louis Metcalf. Baby O' Mine is a well played instrumental number again featuring Metcalf and Herschel Evans the latter in one of his earliest recorded solos.

Frankie "Half Pint" Jaxon was a diminutive vaudeville artist who with a falsetto voice and effeminate manners strutted the stage of many music halls in the late twenties and early thirties as well as acting as a fixed attraction for some radio stations in Chicago.

His songs were often on the border line of the indecent -1933 valutation! - as this session with his "Hot Shots" attests. The last number Fan It was the signature tune of our little man used in his radio work.

Don Redman needs no introduction. A following record will be fully dedicated to him suffice here a sample of his art a little known soundtrack of a 1934 Vitaphone Shortie where Don himself acts as Master of Ceremony and as vocalist in a setting of an imaginary Hollywood night club. Very typical indeed for what the public expected of negro orchestras in night clubs in those days.

Enjoy this Big Band Rhythm of about fifty years ago! It still makes for very pleasant listening! TED KALEVELD

ID. 100044 - Big Band Rhythm - Must Label ID. M-8001

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