Thursday, 10 February 2011

Glenn Miller - Oh! So Good - Magic Label ID. AWE 29

Glenn Miller - Oh! So Good - Magic Label ID. AWE 29 - The Golden Years: 1938-1942 (4CD)

The Glenn Miller Orchestra 1940-1942 Volume V

Description from the Sleeve

This is the fifth and final volume in this series of music taken from "Chesterfield Shows" by the Glenn Miller Civilian Orchestra. The original source for the music used in this series comes from sixteen inch discs released in 1951 and called The Glenn Miller Moonlight Serenade Transcriptions for radio station use only. With this fifth album we have now covered all of the titles previously not issued on Magic or other record labels. This is a real collectors album for it not only contains different performances of tunes previously issued but also includes three titles which have not appeared on commercial discs before. Because this is the final volume in this set the quality of each title varies for they have been gathered from several sources over many years.

Some of the rarer titles have some transcription surface noise on them this is most likely why they have never been issued before but I am sure all collectors will enjoy owning copies of I'LL TAKE YOU HOME AGAIN KATHLEEN CAPRICE VIENNOIS and DRINK TO ME ONLY WITH THINE EYES which are all beautiful examples of the Glenn Miller Sound.

ID. 100064 - Glenn Miller - Oh! So Good - Magic Label ID. AWE 29

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