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Glenn Miller - Sunset Serenade Aug. 301941 - Soundcraft Label ID. LP-1001

Glenn Miller - Sunset Serenade Aug. 301941 - Soundcraft Label ID. LP-1001 - The Golden Years: 1938-1942 (4CD)

Glenn Miller and his Orchestra

Description from the Sleeve

MARCH 1937 TO SEPTEMBER 27 1942 just about five and one half years but during that short time it became the nations swing/sweet favorite. It did not have the best soloists nor did it have the best vocalists but musical arrangements it had. The blending of reeds done in such a way that made the band unique and recognizable in one measure. The wonderful modulations after the first chorus leading into the vocal was Miller's arranging forte. None did it better.

It was the Chesterfield commercial "The Right Combination" that made Gene Buck the announcer at the ASCAP concert in 1939 say "we present the most popular band in the country today."

Glenn being the businessman that he was usually recorded every tune that was worthwhile but a few for some reason slipped by and we present eight of them on this lp. Here then on the first complete broadcast lp's we present the Glenn Miller band -with all announcements left intact and from superb quality direct line transcriptions.
The August 30 1941 Sunset Serenade program is from Atlantic City's famous Steel Pier amusement center that had the ballroom at the end one mile out over the Atlantic ocean with the bandstand at the very end. This was a one hour broad-cast but it was interrupted in the middle for a horse race from Saratoga New York.

We were just a little over three months away from our entry into world war II but Miller was already concerned with the people in the military and paid the cost of the record/phono giveaway on these sustaining programs of which the one on this record was the first. Incidently none of the 50 records given was by the Miller band and I'm sure that no one would have yelled "payola" back then if he did include a few for promotional purposes. In 1942 when the sustaining time slots were filled with commercially sponsored programs he continued the record/phono giveaway on the Chesterfield thursday night shows.

Ray Eberle left the band on July' 12 1942. Skip Nelson who was with the Chico Marx band with the 16 year old Mel Torme was hired on the 13th and flew to Chicago from New York on the 14th."His first recordings were made the same day following the Chesterfield program on this record. We have become so familiar with Ray Eberle singing some of the Miller hits that it is a rare treat to hear the same arrangements with Skip Nelson's vocal treatment and fortunately throughout this Ip's there will be several to enjoy.

ID. 100065 - Glenn Miller - Sunset Serenade Aug. 301941 - Soundcraft Label ID. LP-1001

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