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REDMAN'S RED BOOK - Don Redman And His Orchestra 1932-1936 / COLLECTOR'S MUST M-8002

REDMAN'S RED BOOK - Don Redman And His Orchestra 1932-1936 / COLLECTOR'S MUST M-8002


Shirley Clay, Langston Curl, Sidney de Paris (trumpet)/Claude Jones, Fred Robinson, Benny Mor-ton (trombone)/Edward Inge, Rupert Cole (clarinet & alto sax)/Don Redman 

(alto sax, leader & arranged/Robert Carroll (tenor sax)/Horace Henderson (piano)/Talcott Reeves (guitar & banjo)/Bob Ysaguirre (tuba & bass)/Manzie Johnson (drums & vibes)

New York, June 28, 1932

11994-A If It's True (Harlan Lattimore, vocal)
11996-A You Gave Me Everything But Love (Harlan Lattimore, vocal)

New York, September 16, 1932

12306-A Pagan Paradise (Harlan Lattimore, vocal)

New York, October 6, 1932

12445-A Ain't I The Lucky One? (Harlan Lattimore, vocal)
12446-A Doin' What I Please (Don Redman, vocal)

Don Kirkpatrick (piano) replaces Henderson

New York, February 2, 1933

13008-A Mommy, I Don't Want To Go To Bed (Don Redman, vocal)

New York, April 26, 1933

13285-A I Won't Tell (Don Redman, vocal)
13287-A It's All Your Fault (Harlan Lattimore, vocal)


Gene Simon (trombone) replaces Jones

New York, October 19, 1933

14180-A You Told Me But Half Of The Story (Harlan Lattimore, vocal)
14181-A Lonely Cabin (Harlan Lattimore, vocal)

Henry "Red" Alien (trumpet) and Jerry Blake (clarinet, alto & baritone sax) replace Curl and Carroll

New York, January 5, 1934

14536-A I Wanna Be Loved (Harlan Lattimore, vocal)

Reunald Jones, Otis Johnson, Harold Baker (trumpet)/Gene Simon, Benny Morton, Quentin Jackson (trombone)/Edward Inge, Rupert Cole (clarinet & alto sax)/Harvey Boone 

(clarinet, alto & baritone sax)/Don Redman (clarinet, alto sax, leader & arranger)/Robert Carroll (tenor sax)/Don Kirkpatrick (piano)/Clarence Holiday (guitar)/Bob Ysaguirre 

(bass)/Sidney Catlett (drums).

New York, September 30, 1936

19979-1  Who Wants To Sing My Love Song? (Harlan Lattimore, vocal)
19980-2 Too Bad (Don Redman, vocal)
19981-1  We Don't Know From Nothin'(Don Redman, vocal)

Bob Lessey (guitar) replaces Holiday

New York, May 28, 1937

M-507-1 The Man On The Flying Trapeze (Don Redman, vocal)
M-511 -1 That Naughty Waltz

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